Real Estate Services

People can find the best lands and properties matching with their desires quickly and easily. Our service is to provide the optimum real estates which suit for the customers’ budget and in the areas that are in the interests of the customer.

Legal Assistance

We assure that the buyers of properties get a clear land while the sellers are assured a clear sale on the other hand. We assist the customers in smooth operation of deed work and title transfer. Our Law professionals are capable and well competent in sorting out the all legal issues occurring at the transfer of the property.

Surveying Facilities

We facilitate the buyers and sellers of real estate in quantifying the dimensions of the lands. The surveying service is provided to the customers with a great transparency as not being bias to any party.

Valuation of Real Estate

We have a set of highly specialized property appraisers who are quite skillful in their profession. They appraise your land or property according to the prevailing market rates and provide you with the market values of the property.

Financial Services

We assist the customers to handle the documents and financial aspect of the real estate transactions. We provide an instalment based payment plan where the customer can pay the amount within a shorter period. There is also an Easy Payment system where the customer can make the payment in a long number of period at a concessionary rate

Intermediary Service

We assist people who are having a property to be sold but not found any buyers yet. We are connected to a large network of buyers and sellers of real estate. Just let us know the details of your precious land or property, we will take care of the business then!